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What about the Mouthpiece and Slide?

We got you covered! The Rota comes with a Mouthpiece Retainer and a Slide Retainer to ensure the trumpet is fully secured!                                                                 

The Rota by Voda
Regular price $24.99

The Rota is a unique accessory that straps to the valves of the trumpet allowing musicians the ability to spin their trumpet in any direction.  It's Fun, Flashy, and Safe.  From a marching band's halftime show, to a Jazzy center stage solo, The Rota can help any musician take their performance to the next level!


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Making a Difference

For every Rota sold, $1 is donated to Save The Music. Learn more about Save The Music by clicking our "Giving Back" page and visiting SaveTheMusic.org

Take the Field

Tutorial Video


This is a Show Stopper for sure.

Kevin T.

Honestly, the thing i notice the most about it besides the spinning is that it actually helps me hold the trumpet a lot easier

Tyler R.

We come up with new ways to implement the Rota every practice. So much fun!

Grace K.